Best Chef’s Knife Under 100$ in 2022

In this technology-driven world with different kitchen equipment, still, the chopping and slicing are done with the hands. We have upgraded our kitchens with cookers and various machines to enjoy delicious food within minutes. But we after so many things, the knife is still essential.

As everyone knows, no other equipment can fulfil the needs of a knife. You must be familiar with the chef’s knife, which is quite durable and extremely useful. If you are finding a professional and versatile chef knife, then we are here always to help you.

Professional chef knives are mostly 8 to 10 inch long and useful for multiple purposes. Wehave been researching and gathering all the relevant data about the professional chef knives from hours. The upcoming buying guide will surely help you while purchasing a chef knife. You’ll find the best guide here because chef knives are not so much popular on the internet.

Buy Best Chef’s Knife Under 100 dollars

Henckels Professional S 8-Inch knife:

Henckels Professional S 8-Inch knife

An impressive Henckels Professional S 8-Inch knife. It was based on the ancient technology of Viking but packed with the latest features. The entire collection includes precision-crafted knives made of exclusive high carbon stainless steel from a single piece of Zwilling. As a consequence, price accuracy, enduring sharpness, and perfect geometry have been enhanced by the knives. Therefore, the steel blade undergoes a unique process of ice-hardening called Furious.

Henckels professional s 8-inch chef knife has good quality Western chef knives forged the Twin Pro-S, which involves a complex manufacturing process, including manual labor, and is not mass-produced by machinery. The forged knife is heated in a special way, making it a durable and robust weapon.


  • Precision made from a single piece of exclusive high carbon stainless steel Sigmaforge knife
  • Full tang with bolster offers solid grip and balance; convenient and conventional 3-rivet handle
  • It has 57 Rockwell Hardness; 15 ° blade angle provides excellent cutting efficiency
  • Precision-honed blade and laser-controlled edge ensure an optimal cutting angle for sharpness and longevity
  • Ergonomic rubber, the three-rivet handle is securely bonded to the full tang

The Henckels professional s 8-inch chef knife is very affordable, so ordinary people can afford it and experience for years what professional chefs know. With this knife, there will be no problems, and it will last as long as your whole kitchen.

imarku chef knife:

imarku chef knife review

The Imarku knife is built for professionals, including cooks, culinary specialists, food caterers, and an ordinary person. It is a multi-purpose knife that is suitable for various tasks like cutting, chopping, dipping, and slicing of vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, and other items.

Imarku Chef’s Knife has a very sharp edge and elegant quality, and we have rated it as a lower-end skilled knife. It may be a great addition to your kitchen knife collection for the home cook. It’s light, quiet, and pretty, for the most part. But for the professional cook who spends hours with his chef’s knife every day.

The Imarku Pro chef’s knife blends in one piece the features of a great chef’s blade to make your kitchen more useful. It offers you the strength and mobility of your side that you haven’t seen before. But, to make it an all-purpose cutting tool, the knife can cut all kinds of foods.


  • It was durable high-carbon with steel for the blade and long-lasting hardwood for blade
  • Comfortable, ergonomically designed handle for extended use
  • An ultra-sharp with a high edge retention capability
  • A low-maintenance blade resistant to oxidation, corrosion and rust


  • An inexperienced consumer can feel too heavy.

Mac Knife Chef Series Chef’s Knife:

Mac Knife Chef Series Chef's Knife

The Knife of the Mac Knife Chef Series Chef’s Knife can be used on the cutting board to slice fruits, vegetables, and proteins. The hollow edges do not allow food to stick to the blade. The MAC Chef Series features original steel construction made of molybdenum. With many typical European forms, the knives are formed with a straight handle that is in line with the blade’s base, with a pointed end.

Mac knives are Known as sharpest knives, They have razor-like edges for effortless slicing, they are rugged, and they remain sharp longer, One slice with MAC knives and you will experience a new concept of sharpness, perfectly balanced and a good value for yourself. Because of their lightweight nature, knives from the MAC Chef Series can make fast work from nearly any food. hey, are made with a 25-year warranty in Japan.


  • High carbon Chrome Molybdenum Vanadium steel blade for improved edge retention; easy to sharpen
  • Lightweight due to lack of bolster and thin blade relieves hand and arm tension
  • Perfectly balanced weight distribution gives the knife a sense to comfort
  • Completely tapered from spine to tip, producing a V-shaped blade that glides effortlessly for cutting any type of vegetables and more.

Shun sora chef knife:

Shun sora chef knife

Shun knives are considered by both professional chefs and home cooks to be some of the highest quality blades on the market. Shun sora chef knives are a weapon in Japanese style, and for nearly any kitchen activity, they have a wide range of knives. Shun recently released the Sora line of knives, which offers an excellent price for high-quality blades.

Exquisitely, the Shun Classic knives blend them. Through mixing VG-10 super steel with a beautiful Damascus etching, you get a stain-resistant, robust blade that is quite spectacular to look at and very, very good to hold an edge. The heat-treated steel has a 61 Rockwell C hardness rating, allowing it to retain a double-bevel of 16 degrees with only occasional honing or stropping.


  • It is versatile, durable, lightweight and well balanced
  • An exceptionally sharp handcrafted blade that smoothly cuts
  • The textured grip is very comfortable to hold, easy to handle and prevents slipping when cutting


  • The Sora Chef’s Knife is not a reliable dishwasher and can only be cleaned by hand-the dishwasher damages and dulls the blade Sharpening needs to be done with extreme care as the blade is incredibly sharp

The Shun Sora chef knifes modern look makes it a joy to use in the kitchen, and the ease of use with the hollow ground design and lower curve in the blade provides a no-stick cutting experience where you can cut more food per slice.

Victorinox fibrox pro chef knife:

Victorinox fibrox pro chef knife

Are you a chef in your home looking for the right knife,, but you don’t want to spend much money? The knife of the Victorinox fibrox pro chef is a high-carbon medium-sized stainless steel knife. It is an outstanding knife at the entrance point, suitable for use as a kitchen knife for all purposes. From dicing to slicing, you have been protected by this knife.

This knife makes it quicker and more convenient to cook your food. With it, you can work without any challenge on all foods, both light and heavy. Moreover, when it comes to peeling, chopping and slicing your food, the Victorinox Fibrox gives you ample protection.


  • Hand made stainless steel
  • An ergonomic handle which helps to slip-resistant for comfort and safety Quality and long-lasting materials
  • High-carbon steel that easily sharpens and retains long enough sharpness


  • It was very lightweight with ideal for smaller foods, but it is comfortable for large ones.

While nothing is going to happen to this chef knife, consider washing it by hand if it gets into the dishwasher for your good. Because the stainless steel blade does not catch on gravel, this shouldn’t take you long. Make sure the module is placed correctly when you wash it, so that you do not hurt yourself. Your usual cleaning agents remove any dirt from the knife effectively.

Buying guide for professional chef knives

  • There are different types of chef knives. You will find a difference in sizes and material of knives. Choosing a perfect knife for your requirements is up to you. Each individual has different choices; hence, the decision can vary.
  • When it comes to material, mostly chef knives are made up of carbon and stainless steel. Stainless steel knives look appealing but not meant for a longer run. Even the sharpness doesn’t last for a longer period. Carbon knives last longer and sharper, but they are a little bit heavy. Stainless steel knives are easy to handle than carbon knives.
  • There are knives that come with high carbon content, and the blade is mostly made up of carbon. If you are a novice, then you can try such type of high-content stainless blade knives.
  • Apart from the material and other aspects, you have to use a new knife for specific days. Apart from carbon and stainless steel material, the knife should fit into your hand. If you purchase a knife online or offline, the durability and fitting matter a lot. Don’t ever judge the knife at the start.
  • The tang of a knife plays a significant role while you are working in your kitchen. If the material of the tang is good, the knife will be easy to handle and long-lasting. Always purchase a knife that has more tang to enjoy chopping your veggies and fruits.

Factors to consider while purchasing a professional chef knife

  • Price –If you love cooking, then spending some bucks on a knife is a must. You should invest your money on a well-balanced and long-lasting knife. Always purchase a knife according to your requirements and budget. Spending money on an expensive brand doesn’t mean you’ll get the perfect knife. Always choose a knife that perfectly fits in your hand and doesn’t get dull too early.
  • Sharpness – There are knives that can vary in terms of sharpness. Knives with super-sharpness are not ideal for your kitchen. If you are a beginner don’t opt for a super-sharp knife, you’ll surely cut yourself. Don’t ever purchase a blade that gets dull too fast. If you are a beginner, start with a basic knife to avoid cuts and failures.
  • Easy to handle – As everyone knows, there are different types of knives which serve various kind of needs. You should purchase a knife as per your requirement. A sharp knife will also give you that comfort while chopping and slicing. You should always spend some time in the kitchen with your new to see whether it’s appropriate for you or not.
  • Maintenance – Whether you purchase an expensive or cheap knife, you have to do sharpen it occasionally. There are knives that are likely to get rusted in a shorter period. To keep your knives free from rusting, always clean them by freshwater. Always try to keep them dry after cleaning. If you cannot do this, purchase a knife that is rust-free and maintain its sharpness for a longer period.

Therefore now you can easily choose a long-lasting and versatile professional chef knife that meets your requirements.

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